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Rare Original WW1 US Army Curtiss 1917 JN-4 "Jenny" Biplane Strut

Rare Original WW1 US Army Curtiss 1917 JN-4 "Jenny" Biplane Strut

SKU: Military Surplus

Rare Orginal WW1 US Army Curtiss 1917 JN-4 "Jenny" Biplane Strut. This original strut is from a Curtiss 1917 JN-4 "Jenny" Biplane that was used by the U.S. Army in World War 1. It was removed during a restoration project carried out by the Niagra Aerospace Museum in Buffalo, NY, which is where the Curtiss Company, the creator of the JN-4 "Jenny", was originally based. This strut is 1 of 7 of the struts removed from the aircraft during restoration. The first six struts were marked with the number "11967", while this one is marked with "12733". (See Letter of Provenance) Next to the number, it is marked with what appears to be "CAR 27". It is also marked with "NP 18", which is surrounded by a square. These struts are collectively linked on a small metal bar, held together by a hole on both ends of the strut. We have included the original Letter of Provenance, which tells that it was verified to be original to the aircraft it came off of. We have included a picture of the model of plane this strut is from in the listing (See Pictures). This is a very rare opportunity to purchase a very rare, authentic WW1 item. 


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