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Estate Firearms

Bull Moose Guns specializes in handling inherited weapons. We have years of experience handling collectible firearms for our clients.  We have a large database of collectors who search for estate firearms regularly. Due to the demand of such collectibles, dispositions are handled within a reasonable time frame. Many of our customers who use our service wish to use our consignment service. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Verbal Appraisal Service

We offer verbal appraisals free of charge in store. In order to provide this service, you must bring the weapon in for us to provide you with a verbal appraisal. No appraisals will be given over the phone. No exceptions.

Written Appraisal Service

Written Appraisals for a fee of $100.00 per firearm. Appraisals are conducted in the style of Colt, Winchester, and Smith&Wesson letters which collectors have become accustomed to. Bull Moose Guns will provide a signed appraisal letter that identifies your firearm (make, model, and origin), verifies authenticity, and gives the current retail value.

Appraisal Service Includes:

  • Identification of Firearm: Make, Model, & Origin of Firearm

  • Verification of Authenticity

  • Current Replacement Value


All information in your appraisal will be confidential. Utilizing comparable market data, we will give you an accurate replacement value, which you then can use for insurance or valuation purposes.


If you're interested in an Appraisal  you can contact us 704-900-8906.

*Please note that appraisals are not given over the phone. We must see weapons in person to give accurate data. No exceptions.*

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