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Post WWII Yugoslavian Zastava M98/48 Kar98k Mauser in 8mm Mauser

Post WWII Yugoslavian Zastava M98/48 Kar98k Mauser in 8mm Mauser

SKU: 24.15.630

Post WWII Yugoslavian Zastava M98/48 Mauser in 8mm Mauser. Overall this rifle is in low very good condition. Mechanically it functions as it should. The bore is bright with strong lands and grooves, very minor frosting near the muzzle. There is minor discoloration on the barrel and receiver, as well as the bolt. There are minor handling marks on the original stock and handguard. There is a very minor crack on the wrist of the stock, just behind the bolt. The stock, bolt handle, receiver, and floorplate have matching serial numbers. All other numbers are mismatched. Once a left over Kar98k from WW2, this rifle was refurbished by Yugoslavia in 1946. Though the exact manufacture date is unknown, these rifles were produced from 1946 through the early 1950s. Normally the top of the receiver ring would have been marked with a Yugoslavian crest, however, the crest has been scrubbed on this example. The cyrillic writing (which translates into "Workshop 145"), along with "MOD. 98/48", is still present on the left side of the receiver. The right side of the receiver ring is marked with the serial number, which is 1737. The right side of the barrel shank is marked with proof marks. This would be good to add to your military surplus collection. C&R eligible.

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