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Rare Antique 1851 Dated H. Aston & Co Model 1842 .54 Black Powder Horse Pistol

Rare Antique 1851 Dated H. Aston & Co Model 1842 .54 Black Powder Horse Pistol

SKU: Black Powder

Rare Antique 1851 Dated H.Aston & Co Model 1842 .54 Black Powder Horse Pistol. Overall this pistol is in very good to excellent condition. Mechanically it functions as it should. The smooth bore is dark. There are a few very minor handling marks on the wood stock, which is unsanded. Cartouches are crisp and visible. There is minor rust on the barrel. The lock plate retains its original manufacturer's high polish finish to the white metal. The distinctive combination barrel band/side plate, trigger guard, buttcap and back strap are brass, as they should be. The lock plate is marked with "US H.ASTON" in front of the hammer, and "MIDDtn CONN. 1851" behind the hammer. This pistol was manufactured in 1851 in a production run of about 3,000 pistols. The top of the barrel next to the hammer is marked with the "US/GW/P" proof marks, as well as the year 1851. This pistol is equipped with its original swivel ramrod. The Model 1842 Percussion Pistol was the last single shot percussion handgun to see service with the U.S. Army, and saw extensive use during the Mexican War and were still in limited service at the start of the Civil War. These pistols were often carried by mounted officers on the saddle of their horses, hence why they are called "horse pistols". Since this pistol is black powder and manufactured before 1898, no FFL is required. This would be great to add to your antique firearm collection.

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