Taurus 692 .357 Magnum and 9mm Revolver

SKU: 20.9.614

Taurus Model 692 chambered in .357 Magnum and 9mm. This revolver is in excellent condition overall. Cosmetically this revolver is in excellent condition. The satin finish is in excellent condition, free from scratches or nicks. The rubber grips are in excellent condition and are very comfortable in the hand. The bore is bright and mirror-like with strong lands and grooves. Mechanically this revolver is excellent and it functions as it should. The barrel is ported to help compensate recoil. This revolver comes with an 9mm cylinder which can be swapped out with the .357 Magnum cylinder with a simple press of a button. No additional tools required. Included with this revolver are four (4) steel moon clips, which are needed to shoot 9mm out of this revolver. Both cylinders are numbered to the gun. This revolver would be perfect for self defense, especially if you want the reliability of a revolver and the lower recoil of 9mm!


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