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Mint Hill, NC

1918 German Danzig K98AZ

SKU: 19.8.073

German K98AZ chambered in 8mm Mauser. Spanish Civil War marked "MP8". This rifle was manufactured by Danzig arsenal in 1918 for German use in Wold War I. It bears a "1920" Weimar Republic retention stamp. It also has Spanish Civil War Era Nationalist arsenal rework features. The German sling inlet has been filled in, a Spanish style sling notch has been cut in the butt, and Spanish sling swivels were added. Overall great condition with 85%+ factory bluing and a very strong bore. The stock has no damage aside from the expected handling marks. Rifle is matching to itself, except the front band and the butt plate. Bolt matching unto itself, and is the correct type. Unique stacking rod. Not import marked. C&R eligible. So much history in one rifle, WWI, Spanish Civil War and WWII!