Spanish Pocket Pistol in German Ersatz Paper Holster

SKU: 19.8.370

Spanish Eibar region Model 1914 pocket pistol chambered in .25 ACP. Rabbit motif grips. The pistol is in good overall condition. Cosmetically the pistol is in good condition. The bluing overall is good, but thin. At least 60% of the bluing remains.The bore is dull with strong lands and grooves. The black Bakelite grips are in very good condition with not cracks or split. Although the grips are in very good condition, they are rather loose on the pistol. Mechanically the pistol is in good condition. Early Eibar region proof marks place this pocket pistol between 1927 and 1929. Included with this pistol is a late World War II German ersatz pressed paper holster. This pistol was likely issued to Volkstum forces at the end of the war. This pistol is not import marked. This would be an excellent addition to any mouse gun collection!


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