Romanian Nova Modul WASR-M 9mm AK47

Romanian Nova Modul WASR-M 9mm AK47

SKU: 20.10.609

Romanian Nova Modul WASR-M chambered in 9mm. These rifles are in excellent condition overall. Cosmetically these rifles are excellent. The hardwood furniture is in excellent condition, free of cracks or splits. This rifle features AK-74 style handguards as well as an AK-47 slant type muzzle break. These 9mm rifles can take standard Glock magazines and come with a 33 round Glock style polymer magazine. These rifles were manufactured in Romania and imported by Century Arms. Mechanically these rifles are excellent and they function as they should! These rifles would be perfect for pistol caliber carbine competitions and as a home defense firearm! (Photos are stock from one of our samples)


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