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Mint Hill, NC

North Korean Type 63 SKS Rifle 7.62x39 SKS 45

SKU: 19.8.818

North Korean Type 63 chambered in 7.62x39. This is an extremely rare example of the North Korean version of the SKS rifle. There are estimated to be only between 20-70 known examples of this rifle in the United States. In short if you are a military or C&R collector, this is a Holy Grail item.

Mechanically, the rifle functions as it should. All parts that have a serial number on them are serial number matching. Stock serial number is light, but is also matching. The bore is bright and mirror like. There is no cleaning kit in the butt plate.

Cosmetically, The rifle retains 97% + of its original North Korean bluing. It seems that some parts had better factory bluing than others. Please note, that the metal finish on some parts, especially the dust cover appear to have pitting. This is NOT the case, this is the results of very poor metal finishing and quality control. This rifle is NOT import marked. Stock does not appear to have been sanded. Overall quality of the parts of this rifle, compared to a Russian or Chinese SKS is extremely poor.

By far one of the rarest military firearms being offered currently in the United States. This item is C&R eligible.