Japanese Type 99 Serial Number "91"

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Japanese Type 99 Serial Number "91" chambered in 7.7 Jap. This example has had the Mum lightly ground, but this is a very special rifle as the serial number is “91” and it is all matching. This is a Toyo Kogyo manufactured 35th series rifle. This series started at serial number “35” and this example is serial number “91” making it the 56th rifle to be produced in the final series of Toyo Kogyo. All serial numbered parts are marked “91”. Receiver, safety, extractor and firing pin all are marked “91”. Bolt is NOT serialized at all and is a previously rejected part from an earlier Type 99. This is correct for such a late war rifle. The 35th series of Toyo Kogyo, was produced from January - August 1945, with the war ending in September of 1945. Mechanically, the rifle functions as it should. Bore, is unbelievably bright and mirror like! Cosmetically, this rifle is in “as found” condition. It has not been cleaned or oiled. Bluing on late war Japanese rifles was poor to being with so I would rate this at about 60% remaining. Lots of dried grease and some light surface rust. This item was mounted to a board before we obtained it, there are three screw holes drilled right through the stock, two in the butt stock and one in the forearm. It’s unfortunate but this does happen with old war trophies! Stock is otherwise unsanded and original condition, exect for a very small amount of wood cut out from the stock just behind the rear sight on the left side, I believe this was done at the factory as all of these 35th series rifles are supposed to have rejected stocks. This is a gun for a Japanese collector! This is C&R eligible!  


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