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Mint Hill, NC

Japanese Type 99 Full Mum

SKU: 19.8.835

Japanese Type 99 Full Mum chambered in 7.7 Jap. This example has a full Mum! Kokura 22nd series made between October 1942 and September 1943. Complete rifle with aircraft sights, long 23 inch cleaning rod and dust cover. This series did not have a monopod. This example does have the type “M” rear band with the factory upside down sling swivel. Receiver and bayonet lug are matching, bolt and dust cover match each other. Bolt is the correct gnarled safety type. Mechanically, the rifle functions as it should. Bore is factory chrome lined and is bright and mirror like. Cosmetically, the rifle has about 80% of its factory bluing still in place. Stock is very good and appears unsanded. At some point very long ago the stock was shellacked and the shellack has turned a very dark brown. Two screws have been turned, one on the bayonet lug, and the other the bottom trigger guard screw. Otherwise, no damage. This is a very handsome WWII rifle that was certainly a bring back. C&R eligible!