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Indian SMLE No I Mk III*

SKU: 19.8.099

Indian SMLE No I Mk III* in .303 British. The Short Magazine Lee Enfield carried the British empire through two world wars and is generally regarded as one of the best bolt action rifles of the period. This rifle was manufactured at the Ishapore arsenal in India sometime in 1945. The bore is strong and bright, and the factory finish still retains more than 85%. Some parts have been force matched, but the rifle is matching except for the bolt. The magazine has been renumbered three times to match. The bolt head is very tight. Missing the stacking swivel. There is a small import mark on the receiver. This rifle shows signs of use, but there is no major damage. The two piece stock is dark with small handling marks, but still in great condition otherwise. There is an arsenal repair at the tip of the buttstock, and the unit disk has been filled in. This is an interesting piece of WW2 and Indian history. C&R Eligible.