Rare Chinese "Mauser 1900" Pistol

Rare Chinese "Mauser 1900" Pistol

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Chinese "Mauser 1900" Pistol chambered in .32 ACP. This pistol is in excellent condition overall. Cosmetically this pistol is in excellent condition. It appears to have been refinished at one point in its life, but the high polish bluing is in excellent condition. This pistol was made for the black market in China in the early 1900's by someone who knew how to machine things but did not quite understand firearms or the English language. There is no rear sight, but instead it has a cocking indicator, it has Belgian proof marks and a Mauser logo. The serial number "2222" is stamped haphazardly multiple times on this pistol. There is no rifling. The safety works and both the safe and fire positions are marked "SHUR". There are more markings in English characters but they do not form words. The black plastic grips are in good condition but are loose on the gun. Mechanically, this pistol functions. This pistol is a knockoff of a FN 1900, with Mauser markings. This pistol is truly a one of a kind and would make an interesting addition to a oddity small arms collection. C&R Eligible!


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