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Mint Hill, NC

1986 New Production Ishapore No1 Mk3 in .303

SKU: 19.8.703

Ishapore No1 Mk3 chambered in .303 British. Yes, that is correct this is a rare, one of the last ever made new No1 Mk3. This rifle was produced in 1986 in India by the government rifle works at Ishapore. According to our research, the very last year of new No1 Mk3 production at Ishapore was 1987, although there were some rifles produced out of parts until 1989. This rifle is ALL matching, all parts are marked with the rifles full serial number. Mechanically the rifle is in excellent condition. Cosmetically, it is near unissued condition. Bore is bright and mirror like. Very small import marks on the receiver. This would make a very interesting example for an advanced collector as these rifles are almost unknown in the collecting community. Due to the age, the rifle is NOT C&R eligible.